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Mentoring (FAQ)

The selection percentage of average students is almost nil without mentorship.

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So, are these coaching courses helping  average students get selected?

 What is the need of a mentor ?

“ 76% Of People Think Mentors Are Important.” This survey by Forbes implies that each and every average child needs mentorship.

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What does the Forbes survey say for mentor-ship ?

What we do? 

Based on the capability of the student, we customize the study material, prepare a schedule for him, review his preparation regularly and with the help of parents motivate him towards success.

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Average student needs customization and personalization of the study material available from various sources which only a mentor can do.

How to increase the chances of selection of an average student? 

Firstly, Lack of knowledge regarding mentorship by parents. Secondly, qualified & sincere mentors are not available in plenty. It is a  rat race in Indian society for coaching courses without mentorship.

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Then why  are parents paying 2 to 3.5 lacs per annum to these coaching courses? 

The online/offline coaching Institutes design courses  for the topper’s capabilities, not for the average student. Here is the need of mentor-ship for making selection probability from 2-3% in coaching institutes to 90-100% for an average student.

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Do we mentor all the students who approach us ?

We don't mentor toppers. We generally mentor AVERAGE  SINCERE students AND pull up their chances of success  from 2-3% to 90-100%.
If a child is not getting selected, we refund mentoring fees after deducting registration fees and taxes.

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